Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is Maybelline mascara toxic?

My baby sister might or might not have put it in her mouth and ate some.Is Maybelline mascara toxic?
i would definitely contact poison control.Is Maybelline mascara toxic?
It is perfectly safe for sisters and other babies to eat. Preferably they don't, but stuff happens. The same with eye liners, lipsticks and any other cosmetics they happen to get hold of.

Try to keep your cosmetics up out of reach of the babies. It gets very expensive to replace them for one thing. But they are not toxic in small amounts. Otherwise you would not be putting them up next to your eyes!
Check inside her mouth, if you see black stuff then call Poison Control IMMEDIATELY, but still, call just in case. But I don't think Maybelline Mascara is bad for you. Wash her mouth with warm water.

If she is under 3 I would talk to a doctor. It also depends how much she consumed, but I would rinse her mouth out good with water.
No its not toxic, but im sure its quite dangerous. Tell an adult immediatley if you have not already done so !!
You might want to contact the poison control center just in case. You dont want to take any risks.
It wont kill ya, but anything that isn't organic is toxic.
Just try and get it washed out of her mouth.

And be more careful where makeup is put down in your house...
maybelline isnt toxic but im sure its not digestable!
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