Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maybelline 2 sided mascara question?

Are you supposed to let side 1 of this mascara dry before applying side 2? I don't see a difference so i was just wondering. Its the XXL Extension kindMaybelline 2 sided mascara question?
yes. i use the same mascara...the white dries fairy faster than the black and for extra drama i use about three layers of the white first, then cover it with the 2nd side.Maybelline 2 sided mascara question?
yes, because if you don't then the white mixes with the black and it makes your lashes grey.
yes when it dries that is what makes the color from the black to build up

Where can I buy Maybelline Volume Express or Maybelline XXL mascara in large quantity (1500 to 2000?

Maybelline NY does not sell to individuals or small stores. Walgreens, CVS and other drug stores don't sell this many to individuals.Where can I buy Maybelline Volume Express or Maybelline XXL mascara in large quantity (1500 to 2000?
If you need such a large number then you will have to deal with the company, as even a cosmetics wholesaler won't be able to supply that many in one go. I'm assuming you have a business requirement for the product so you need to contact Maybelline and explain why you need this many - believe me, if there is a chance of repeat business or a market for other products in their range they will take notice. And they must sell these sorts of quantity anyway as I buy many of my Maybelline products here in the UK on a local market stall and Bett is certainly not 'national'!

If contact by phone gets you nowhere then get seriously old-fashioned and write a good business letter and send it snail-mail! The problem with the phone is that you end up with some Customer Service person who doesn't have the answer to your problem and is loathe to show ignorance by passing you on to someone higher up the line who can help! - PatWhere can I buy Maybelline Volume Express or Maybelline XXL mascara in large quantity (1500 to 2000?
go to wal-mart i got mine there
contact company
get it online
mama bear says right. contact the company!
Try Ebay , or contact Maybelline and see if they will sell it to you personally.
Go to You may have to contact customer service before you order, since it is such a large request.
you can request online.
maybe go to like cosmetics stores like ulta or sally beauty supply
well apparently you have some kinda of beauty school/ business and thats why you need so many, i'd suggest going to Wal-mart and asking where they order their maybelline products, they should be able to tell you.
jeez a weez!!! why so many///?
honestly to tell you the truth i have a few friends that say they got it at walmart however i got mine from an avon lady you just gotta look around! good luck
1 call the company thats the only way or you caould go to a store thst sells it and ask to peacial order it that would work to.
you could try ringing up the company, using the customer feedback number that you get on there brand's of make-upm this is quite a huge quantity,I am not experienced in this, But you could also try rgoing to stores that sell the product and asking for the manufacturers number or the stockists number
Whoa...why do you need that many lol! I agree, ask for the stockists number
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  • Maybelline Pure Minerals Foundation.what shade would suit my skin tone? HELP ?

    well i heard dis mineral power is really good because my sis used it and it got rid of her spots,erm i got slightly dark skin and i was wondering what shade would suit me? can anyone helpMaybelline Pure Minerals Foundation.what shade would suit my skin tone? HELP ?
    well i wouldnt really be able to tell you. you have to go to the store and try on a couple different shades to see which one truly matches your skin tone.Maybelline Pure Minerals Foundation.what shade would suit my skin tone? HELP ?
    I suck at mineral makeup, so I'm afraid I can't give you any advice outside of my experience; Mineral foundation always comes too dark. So go in store and try it out before you buy.

    Maybelline full 'n' soft mascara... good or bad?

    thats all i need to know... what did it make your eyelashes look like... would you suggest it? tips? what should iexpect?Maybelline full 'n' soft mascara... good or bad?
    NO I WOULD NOT SUGGEST THIS MASCARA.. I just purchased it about 2 weeks ago and it goes on very clumpy the only thing is it makes you eyelashes look very long. I really don't like the look of big chunks of mascara on eyelashes but there are people that don't mind that look. To me this product is full %26amp; soft and they forgot to add that it also messy.....Maybelline full 'n' soft mascara... good or bad?
    I don't like it at all. It's making my eye lashes fall out.
    i dont think its bad....i like the brush!!it works really good too i just got it like 5 days ago

    Maybelline foundation dream satin?

    I'm really tempted to buy the new maybelline liquid foundation 'dream satin' !

    Just wondering if anyone has tried it?

    If you have, is it good?

    Could you compare it to other brands of makeup you have used too please!

    Thanks in advance (:Maybelline foundation dream satin?
    its really gross and nasty! dont get it! it makes your skin look and feel oily and greasy all day long!Maybelline foundation dream satin?
    its awful it made me all greasy!

    Which one should i buy - Maybelline XXL or Define-a-lash?

    they are both on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $5.99 today and tomorrow [March 1 %26amp; 2]

    please give me your opinion;; which one and why?!

    please and thank you :D!~~Which one should i buy - Maybelline XXL or Define-a-lash?
    i bought define-a-lash and it worked really good for me and i haven't bought any other kind of mascara since i tried itWhich one should i buy - Maybelline XXL or Define-a-lash?
    Great Lash is the Best! It is the pink and green mascara tube and many make-up artist swear by it including myself. It beats most expensive department store brands. If this is on sale too get it!!
    define-a-lash, it works really well.
    Define a lash!!

    define a lash worked really well for me

    Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation? or Rimmel Lasting Finish?

    I have Dry senstive skin

    and i need to know which one is best ?

    I also need one to last me a whole day and also not come off in hot weather i live in England

    xMaybelline Superstay Silky Foundation? or Rimmel Lasting Finish?
    I use Rimmel's Lasting Finish and it's the best foundation that I've ever tried and I've tried many. I find it has a great consistency, is not too heavy or cakey, and definitely does last on your skin all day.

    I'm not too sure what effects it would have on sensitive skin but I do suggest going to and reading some of the reviews there, you can actually sort by skin type so you can get a better idea of what people with similar skin types have to say about the product.Maybelline Superstay Silky Foundation? or Rimmel Lasting Finish?
    NIETHER U HAVE 2 TRY BOURJOUS 10 HOURS SLEEP AFFECT FOUNDATION, they are non orange, moisturising and make u look as if u have had 10 wen u av ad 0 :). o n a good tip if u do get a foundation that is orange... some flour will nutralise it to a more peach complexion... sounds crzy but it just like powder foundation :)
    I don't have any experience with either, but I have been wearing Revlon Colorstay since it 1st came out and it's great. It last's forever, you'll have to take it off at night with makeup remover. Also, they don't test on animals. They have a lightweight version as well. And it also has sunscreen in it.
    none, why opt for cheap animal tested brands when you could pay a little extra for good quality products that aren't tested on animals like MAC, Clinique, Revlon, Barry M, Urban decay, Stila, etc...
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